Projects Projects Projects – Virtual Brainstorming In 2021

Projects planning session with two men brainstorming around a whiteboard

How are your 2021 projects going so far? If you’re anything like me not much has changed since 2020. We are still working from home, wearing masks, and trying to think of creative ways to overcome new challenges every day. It doesn’t matter what industry or department you’re in. The events of the previous year […]

2020 A Year In Review

iPhone showing article about COVID 19 in 2020

We made it! I don’t normally like to use exclamation marks in my writing, but I think it is the only appropriate punctuation to express our joy in knowing that 2020 is confined to the pages of history. There is no doubt that it was a tough year for many. We endured, and are still […]

My Supplier Said to Me: Let’s Start That Batch Over

Manufacturing floor working to resolve batch quality issues

On the twelfth (work) day of Christmas my supplier said to me ‘Sorry about that. I’ll go find out what happened, but in the meantime, let’s just start that batch over.’  Yesterday, we wrote of the story that is all too common. A supplier screwed up (pun intended), and they’re hoping that you won’t hold […]