TTP Solutions™

We use a single map per document type regardless of the number of suppliers in your network. Using™ you can maintain a single access point in your firewall and keep 3rd party users tightly integrated with mission critical business processes but still outside your network. Other features include:

  • Send and recieve business information in real time
  • Use automation to eliminate costs
  • Custom forms support your data transfer needs
  • Embed our functionality within your existing corporate portal with the TTPServices SOAP API
  • Engage in multi-tiered trading partner relationships
  • Have multiple user accounts within a company account
  • Support the core of your business process with document forwarding and actions

Your™ community will be customized to meet your specific needs. The possibilities are endless.

Serena Business Manager

Our relationship with Serena began as a Merant partner in 2003. Two years later Serena acquired Merant, and we made the transition from being a Merant partner to being a Serena Partner. Because of our history with the company, we are familiar with the entire Serena product line. But in 2006 we made the decision to focus on the TeamTrack product line for our services and to strive to be the best in the business for high-end TeamTrack solutions. We did very well with that, and for a long time we were known as the go-to source for resolving problematic TeamTrack installations. If nobody else could fix it, we could. That reputation carried forward with the change from TeamTrack to Serena Business Manager (SBM), and we continue to serve our customers today with high-end SBM services. The following are a few among them:

  • Solution Design & Implementation
  • Integrations
  • Scripting & Automation
  • Orchestrations
  • Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Upgrades
  • Server Migrations
  • Day-to-day operational support

We specialize in the area of Enterprise Business Process, but we also do all of the classic change management workflow implementation and support as well. We strive to bring you cost-effective, quality solutions. Part of how we do this is by remote connectivity. Though we are more than happy to assist you on-site, we have found that most of the time the solution can be implemented remotely—giving us the flexibility to price our services in a way that helps customers achieve maximum benefit from our involvement in their project. By taking this approach we can assist you for a day, a week, a month, or anywhere between or beyond while you reap the maximum value for your money.