Projects Projects Projects – Virtual Brainstorming In 2021

Projects planning session with two men brainstorming around a whiteboard

How are your 2021 projects going so far? If you’re anything like me not much has changed since 2020. We are still working from home, wearing masks, and trying to think of creative ways to overcome new challenges every day. It doesn’t matter what industry or department you’re in. The events of the previous year […]

My Supplier Said to Me: RMA? It’s Just a Little Scratch

Manufacturing tech doing inspection for

On the fifth (work) day of Christmas, my supplier said to me ‘Do you really think we need an RMA? It’s just a little scratch, does it really matter that much?’  As prices increase so does the demand for quality. Functionality and cosmetics are both priorities when thousands, and potentially millions of dollars are involved […]

How to Define Business Process Workflow

Auto assembly line with unfinished cars that demonstrates business process workflow

Business process workflow is everywhere. Any business that offers a product or service uses business process. Some do it poorly without defining business process, while others do it well with defined and enforced business process workflow. All businesses are process oriented, and without well defined business process no business can be sustainable. So, what is […]