Projects Projects Projects – Virtual Brainstorming In 2021

Projects planning session with two men brainstorming around a whiteboard

How are your 2021 projects going so far? If you’re anything like me not much has changed since 2020. We are still working from home, wearing masks, and trying to think of creative ways to overcome new challenges every day. It doesn’t matter what industry or department you’re in. The events of the previous year […]

My Supplier Said to Me: Just Use Different Screws

Mix of screws

On the eleventh (work) day of Christmas my supplier said to me ‘are you sure you can’t just use new screws that fit the thread in the parts we already sent?’  Specification issues arise in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are big issues and make you pause to ask how it’s possible that […]

My Supplier Said to Me: Just in Time Delivery?

Man making just in time delivery on horse

On the ninth (work) day of Christmas my supplier said to me “We are working on it, but when do you REALLY need that Just in Time delivery?” The answer to the question in the title is, of course, Just in Time. Inventory management is critical for modern supply chains. The longer that parts inventory is held […]