In the article 5 Signs You Need a Single Source of Business Process, we highlighted some ways to tell you that you need to leverage a single business process application over all the others to streamline your data management. Once you have a single source of business process to collect critical information about the business as a whole, it’s available to you for whatever you need. If you’re in business strategy, then you know that this information is extremely valuable.

That leads to the next question. What should you use as your single source of business process?

Our recommendation is to implement Solutions Business Manager as a modern enterprise business process engine across your entire organization. Here are the top 5 reasons why.

Solutions Business Manager is Flexible

What can you do with Solutions Business Manager? Everything. Am I exaggerating? No.

The architects of Solutions Business Manager designed the tool to create the exact workflow solution you need to fit your business process. Although you can find a great library of other users’ workflows in the ITOM Marketplace, it doesn’t come with any out-of-the-box configuration.

All work is a process, and SBM is a business process engine. It drives your business processes according to your business’s needs. Use it for HR, Operations and Quality, Finance, IT, Accounts R/P, and even Marketing workflows. SBM can do anything, so use it for everything.

Solutions Business Manager is Powerful

Configuring a workflow is easy. If you can drag and drop shapes in a PowerPoint presentation to sketch a workflow diagram, you can build a workflow in Solutions Business Manager.

Are you trying to figure out where to start designing a new workflow? Then be sure to check out this article for an overview of how to develop requirements to build a great business process application.

Many pre-configured field types and logic-based automation allow you to easily capture any data you need to move your process along to the next state owner.

If you run to the end of the drag and drop capabilities, don’t worry. There is an infinite number of possibilities for your business process application when you introduce scripting for powerful enhancements and customizations to make the tool do whatever you can imagine it needs to do to support your process.

Solutions Business Manager Excels at Displaying Information

Reporting is one of the most popular requests we receive. The power of displaying your process data in a BI format means that you can do all sorts of business analytics. The more you use SBM to manage your processes, the more you can use SBM to show you the business’s health.

You can use reports to build a user homepage that shows the work queue and other critical information for completing day-to-day tasks. You can create a management dashboard that displays information about keeping your project team on track to hit goals and milestones. You can even build a c-suite dashboard that shows critical operational data for making high-level decisions.

All you have to do is capture the information in your workflow that you want to include in your report, and you can use it to quickly build charts, graphs, kanban boards, and more.

Solutions Business Manager is Secure

In this day and age, security is a vital concern. Not only are there external threats, but also, not everyone in your organization needs the same visibility and permissions.

In SBM, it’s super simple to create roles with specific permissions and assign users to them. Your users can only see the processes applications in which they have a role and can only perform tasks inside those process applications where they are authorized to do so. Additionally, you can do things like require re-authentication before transitioning to another state in the workflow for extra sensitive business processes.

Add to these helpful safeguards an IP address hidden by a reverse proxy and load balancer and a web application firewall, and you have a stunningly secure single source of business process.

Contact us to learn how to grant access to your workflows outside the network without requiring a VPN while maintaining security.

Solutions Business Manager is More Accessible Than Your ERP System

If a user can’t access the tool, it’s hard to do work inside it. As noted in 5 Signs You Need a Single Source of Business Process,  building process solutions in ERP systems require expensive licenses and outrageously high consulting fees. These ERP systems are incredibly complex. It’s just not feasible to use your ERP system as a single source of business process where process stakeholders from multiple departments can interact with the process to complete tasks, run reports, or improve the process.

Solutions Business Manager easily overcomes this problem because licenses are much more affordable, and it’s much easier and more intuitive to design and build a process that is easy to maintain.


Developing a single source of business process is a huge opportunity to sharpen your organization’s competitive advantage. Especially if you are already an SBM customer, it’s a short step to using the tool you’re already paying for and maximizing the value of your subscription.

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